All specialties, all types of contracts

Are you recruiting an anaesthetist, a pulmonologist, an ENT? Do you need to recruit nursing assistants, nurses, physiotherapists? Are you looking for a solution to gain productivity and reduce your interim expenses?

Mediirect is for you !

    All specialties

  • Recruit a doctor

  • Recruit a surgeon

  • Recruit a nurse, a nursing assistant, a physiotherapist, or any other paramedical professional

    Graduate applications from France or Europe

    (registered or who can be registered at the different orders)

    All contracts

  • CDI of private law
  • Public sector hospital position
  • Private practice
  • CDD or replacements

How does it work ?

More applications

Receive new applications, everyday.

In an extremely competitive market, we respect candidates and promise not to seek them out unnecessarily.

We act that the market is reversed and adopt our approach to recruitment in this direction.

Discuss freely with candidates according to your processes

View full, non-anonymized applications freely as well as the Mediirect application report

Follow your usual internal processes and validations

All the contacts defined for your establishment (HRD, Head of service, etc.) can interact with the candidate via the application or by email, quite simply.

Receive targeted applications and save time

Salary, geographic area, type of contract ... You only receive approved applications by Mediirect and perfectly targeted

Are you in charge of medical affairs? You will only receive medical applications, and vice versa for paramedical contacts

Save time

Once, we help you highlight your establishment and work on "attractive value". Once, we help you, if necessary, to record your opportunities

With the shift management module, you reduce your time dedicated to managing replacements, contracts and overtime by 90%.

For each application, you receive the detailed and precise report written by the Mediirect team.

Reduce your expenses

100% of establishments using Mediirect reduce their interim and recruitment expenses.

Thanks to our replacements module, you reduce your interim expenses, drastically.

By recruiting more easily, you reduce the costs inherent in the understaffing: recruitment agencies, absenteeism, interim, etc....

Benefit from Mediirect expertise

At each stage, we support you

Benefit from a personalized handling of the application. We are always here to help you.

We support candidates if necessary. Benefit from Euromotion's expertise and experience ( to support European candidates.

Meet the candidates who are open to your market !