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We are located in France. We have two offices where you can come and meet us: On the Atlantic coast, near Hossegor, in Seignosse. In Lyon, where we welcome you at your convenience. You prefer Paris, we can also meet you in the 10th arrondissement of Paris where the wonderful team of Neocity can always provide us with an office.

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No obligation. As a candidate, you are free to subscribe, to unsubscribe, to agree to discuss with an establishment or not, to refuse invitations, to keep your confidentiality. As an establishment, your only obligation is to inform us of the progress of a recruitment process.

Mediirect is, and will always remain free for applicants. Here, we will not confiscate your degrees to force you to work with us, as is notably the case in certain agencies located outside of France. You are free and we want to offer you the best possible experience to develop us. It's as simple as that.

Unfortunately, if you do not yet have the equivalence in France, you will not be able to apply on Mediirect. Mediirect is a reverse platform which offers candidates and establishments the possibility to meet to concretize recruitment projects immediately. Non-European equivalence procedures can take several years. You can obtain information on this subject from the CNG

If your job is practiced in a healthcare establishment, it is probably offered by Mediirect. :)

After your registration, we will contact you to discuss your professional project with you. Following this exchange, if we have all your elements and your project is solid, we validate your application. This is immediately sent to establishments that offer an offer that is perfectly suited to your project. You are in control of the process at all times. Mediirect will only send you the appropriate offers.

Do you need special support, such as personal support to find new accommodation? Do you hold a European degree and wish to have it recognised in France? Do not hesitate to tell us during the telephone interview. The whole team of Euromotion is also at your service.

Are you a candidate and want to refer a friend or colleague? You can access the referral page directly from your personal space.

Are you a healthcare establishment and would you like to refer another healthcare establishment? Do not hesitate to recommend us to this establishment and benefit from a special offer.

This very common scenario does not only apply to couples, but to colleagues who are also friends. Of course, it is planned. You will be free to specify it in the form dedicated to this purpose.

Yes and yes. We guarantee your confidentiality. Mediirect is not a CV library and no one can access your information except for establishments that offer an offer that is perfectly suited to your project. You want more confidentiality, so don't forget to check 'confidential application' in the form. You can tell us about it during our phone discussion.

Learn more about confidentiality issues : Confidentiality

For competitive reasons, we cannot display our offers directly on our site. Our objective in creating Mediirect was to make our prices lower than those on the market for medical and paramedical recruitment. Do not hesitate to contact us about this.

Absolutely. Mediirect includes a module to manage your replacements and to develop your network. As a candidate, join the establishments closest to you for fixed-term offers.

No commitment, you are free to leave whenever you want.

Another question ? Do not hesitate to contact us : hello@mediirect.care

See you soon on Mediirect!