Confidentiality : your personal data

1. What do we do with your data ?

Your data is stored for 12 months on our servers, in accordance with GDPR regulations. All Mediirect employees can access it. Of course, you have a free and full right of access to your information. Transparency being our priority, we send you the same information that we send to establishments likely to interest you.

2. Where do we store your data ?

To store your data, we trust two companies reputed for their security: Heroku ( and Cloudinary. Heroku allows us to keep all your data very preciously. Cloudinary allows us to store your scanned documents with confidence. An encrypted link is provided to establishments to access your data. We are also implementing digital tools to lock access to your data.

3. Who has access to your data ?

As a candidate, the people likely to access your data are the following :

A. Mediirect employees

B. The establishments likely to correspond to your professional project, EXCEPT the establishments with which you do not wish to be visible. Do you want to remain anonymous? It's planned. To do this, simply check the 'confidential application' box, and do not put your contact details on your CV. We will not disclose any information, name, contact information or degrees until you have agreed to disclose yourself to a particular establishment. Your data is yours, and we take care of it.

As an establishment, only Mediirect employees can access your data. Of course, if an application interests you, you can share your information with the person hiding behind the identified application. With your agreement, we communicate your different recruitment projects on our different media. You have control over what you want to reveal, and to whom.

The security of your data is important to us. We carried out a security audit before launching Mediirect and we hope that you will appreciate the different options available to you.

Thank you for your trust.