of candidates from our partners receive a proposal within a week!


No warranty, no refund, no free replacement.


Your name, your logo. Be informed at every step.

With one click

Super fast, super easy, submit your candidates in one click

How does it work?

1. Share

After the candidate's agreement, you can share your applications on the Mediirect platform

2. Define

Geographical area(s), salary expectations, or the candidate's project, you have the floor

3. Present

In a few words via a form, you can present the project of the candidate you are supporting

4. Assist

You are in copy of all exchanges and the establishment is informed that you are at the origin of this application to better assist the candidate in his decision-making.

They develop their activity thanks to Mediirect

Sometimes I have candidates whose project is not in line with my current contracts. Before, I lost these candidates, now I add these candidates on Mediirect and I develop my activity.

R. - Independent recruitment consultant

I am a doctor. When my agency offered to add my application to the Mediirect platform, I was surprised. Finally, I received 4 perfect proposals in 4 days. Thanks to them.

Dr F.

Via Mediirect, we received a "partner" application. Everything is transparent, from the name of the agency at the origin of the application to the invoicing. The most important thing: we have recruited an anesthetist. Thank you.

S. - Medical Affairs Manager of a Hospital Center - PACA


In concrete terms, do the establishments know that it is indeed my agency that is submitting the application?

Indeed, we have opted for a transparent formula: establishments receive all the information related to your agency as soon as they consult the candidate's CV.

Do I have to negotiate the commercial conditions with the establishments?

Absolutely not, we have already negotiated the commercial conditions with the establishments and we take care of the commercial operations

And if my candidate leaves, do I have to replace him for free?

No. Our conditions exclude this possibility. If this case arises, 30% of the billing remains yours!

How much will I receive?

It all depends on the length of the contract. Generally, for a fixed position, for a doctor, you will receive the sum of €8,400 excluding VAT. We tell you more by email? See you soon.